Were you born inside your body? How did you find it? What told you? Who told you it was yours? Did your parents show you? Did the skin? How did you know it was time? Are you sure? Are you still wondering? Are you still waiting?

Who are you but the sound made by others?

Can you see my body in the past and future?

What does my body contain?
What is it holding in?
What is it keeping out?

Is it nothing if it’s not there?

Is your body a time machine?

I want to be able to look into the future.
I want to be able to see.

I can heal my past and I can change my future. I can go back in time and make myself born nothing. I can reach into my pasts through a hole in a sweater and sew the wound.
Don’t Miss Me
Solo Show@Vox Populi Gallery
Sept 7 - Oct 20 2018

Here is a video taken by Marie Hinson of the work installed, the audio you hear is from a video "Things I Still Don't Understand" that plays in the background.