Don't Miss Me
There were several clothing items that were installed in the space. Performers wore them as part of scheduled or unscheduled performances, clicking through the slideshow will show you details of that piece as well as the piece worn on someone.

3 Holes from My Brother's Shirt (2018) holes, tangerine skin, pubic hair, seeds, tape, shirt dyed with cherries

The Slut Dress (2018) found fabric, found photo, scarf from teenage trip to France, shirt dyed with tea and avocado pit, ribbons

No Fun (2018) felt, plastic bug, tea shirt dyed with tea, old slip dyed with onion peels, yarn, fabric from a tea shirt painted with bleach stars, old underwear lace

Hospital Gown (2018) hospital gown that I was operated in, found fabric, ribbons, my blood

Each of My Tears is One Big Dick (2017-2018) found shirt, beads, glove, bell, ribbons

I Can Look However I Want and I Still Get To Tell You Who I Am (2016-2018) found shirt painted with bleach, ruffles, found fabric, writing, missing squares

I Need You Apron (2018) found apron, felt, found fabric, writing

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