Don't Miss Me
The space was designed to play, nap, read and rest in. To activate this space there were several scheduled and non-scheduled performances.

Sept 7 ︎ Don't Miss Me Collaboration 1︎ My friend Bobbi and I lounged on the pillow slide in costumes I made, spending time together as they tattooed my butt with the title of my show during the Opening Reception. It became a point of joining where other friends started to gather and then more. The gallery became full with trans and queer people.

Sept 29 ︎ Saggy ︎The first appearance of the instant band Saggy. Jim, Elliott and I performed in a band without ever rehearsing. I Hate Time is a single from that performance.
See more documentation from that night.

Ongoing Throughout︎ Performances for Nobody︎I became interested in performing without an audience, without expectation or preparation. I went into the gallery periodically to do movement improvisation in costume. It was not scheduled the only audience was me and the few people I surprised and you if you watch this. Some music at the beginning is by True Blue

Oct 5 ︎ Drawing 1,000 Dicks︎I set aside time to draw 1,000 dicks during October's First Friday Reception, accepting help along the way. Dicks are pens, flowers, hands, tools, buckets, puddles, keys, homes. Dicks tools like hands or feet, knives or pens. Dicks are flowers, wilting and blooming. It was really enjoyable to find all that a dick could be.

Oct 13 ︎Day of Resting︎This was a decision to publicly activate the space by resting, resting, drinking tea, and snacking. This is a way that I continued to notice myself and others interacting with the space, so I created scheduled time to. Friends came by, we had tea and laid down and talked.