The Stars are Free

A installation including an outfit and a zine as part of the show Please Save Our Earth, exhibited at Vox Populi in 2021.

Made from old clothes and biodegradable cotton, Speidel designed their work to reflect the sky in a world with less electricity and light pollution, and more stars, inspired by “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler.

The Stars Are Free, 2021, a cape, vest-top, and jeans made from cyanotype-printed cotton and re-purposed flannel and denim. 

The outfits were presented in a fashion show with the participation of all of the artists at Vox Populi in Summer 2021.

The models are from left to right: Marion Horowitz, Halo Rosseti, and Jensen Huff

The zine “Star Concious” is about a star that gains conciousness, it will be available soon at the Body Joke Shop.