I am a threshold, a place
designed for a purpose
This is the strongest I have ever been
The wound is closed but death is Infinite
I feel touched all day by unseen things.

I am a threshold
I am a doorway
The hole in me is just a path
I am not good, I am not bad
and I hear voices talk to me
And I see things that others can’t see

I am a doorway to spiritual realms
I am at times vibrating off my many directioned hinges
I won’t prove it to you just as I won’t disprove it to myself
I have to trust myself
You have to trust myself
At times my edges are disintegrating
At times I have no edges at all
I am nothing just/but/and void
I am just coming into my power
I am just beginning to see myself
I understand now that I will never understand

One truth is nothing
There are many simultaneous concurrent truths
Each singing each with the face of a flower sparkling singing and calling
Each little throat a dewy tonsil upon which rests a universe
You will know so much more when you start to listen.

Some questions at the beginning of this work:
If I can understand/imagine myself in many parts communicating can I imagine/understand the world that way too?
Can I let my skin become thin safely? Slough it off entirely to feel pore to pore with other realities?

Somethings fall right through
I am going through
I am listening



Solo Show@
Vox Populi GalleryNov 1 - Dec 19  2019

View different facets of the work.︎
The installation involved 
automatic drawings, sculptures,
a book, sound, video,
and a play.