Don't Miss Me

The whole of the show Don't Miss Me was an ongoing, intersecting installation, these photos were taken towards the end of the installation period. 

I just decided that I love myself, 2018
warped mirrors, objects found in my own trash or donated from the trash of friends and strangers

Towels for Tears, 2017-2018
old dirty towels, one with an embroidered note from my dad, one with the hair of people whose support I can count on
Wetness Newness, 2018
plastic bins, fish tank pump, plastic hose, string, water

Plastic Bag Quilt & Thankfulness Curtain, 2017-2018
felt, embroidery, a plastic bag collection
When God Made Me She Was Only Kidding and Scars, 1997-2018 found irregular tube, gifted keychain, shell, picture of trash still life, scars, patch from childhood backpack, stolen earring

Costume Rack, 2017-2018
costumes made from found and repurposed clothing and fabric for improvised and unscheduled performances

Fake Holes, 2018
black paint, pictures of toilet paper after I wiped

My Body is a Time Machine, 2010-2018
old and new photos of my body, drawings that my students made of me, drawings that I made of myself, drawing of a timeline
The writing component of this piece Time Travel, was excerpted and published here.

Patience Book, 2018
writing, my mom’s sweater, a painting of my dad’s old shirt

Notes Quilt, 2016-2018
various notes sent to me under my chosen name

Envelope Curtain, 2018
collected envelopes that were sent to me sewn together

I Would Make More Art if I Needed Less Sleep, 2015-2018
cups I’ve broken or chipped, orbeez, old memory foam

Things I still don’t understand (video), 2016-2018
cellphone videos trying to be sequential, duration:1 hour and 17 minutes

Play Pretend Cities, 2018
precious trash found or given by friends, made to be assembled however the viewer saw fit

Recovery Corner, 2018
Precious trash, photos of surgical recovery, writing, a jar of blood with orbeez, a binder

Some things from the day I survived/support systems, 2017-2018
wood, finger nail clippings for 1 year, photo, trinkets from friends to help, writing

Pillow Half Pipe, 2018
old pillows sewn together

Reading Shelf, 2016-2018
collected writings and drawings in books
To read this writing go here.

Open and close, 2017
writing piece installed with a kiss, a shell, styrofoam, and a child's art
To read this writing go here.

Things I still don’t understand (photos), 2011-2018
cellphone photos printed and arranged throughout the gallery

Worm Hole, 2018