Make A Space for Me

Emergency Make A Space for Me
Nov 10
7 pm
Free admission, free food
Trans/Gender Non Conforming/Non Binary People ONLY

The last installment of Make A Space for Me, an event series creating and building a space for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming artists/makers/thinkers and audiences. This event was considered to be an emergency due to the anti-trans made by governement leaders. This event was not ticketed but we fundraised before the event to make it free for Trans/NB/GNC people to attend. The structure was looser, this was be a space both to witness scheduled performance, and to participate in unscheduled sharing. There was be dinner, resonance, bonding, community. Food was be cooked by Marion Horowitz (she/her), there was be a resonance exercise lead by Leigh Marques(they/them), a performance by Kari Drame (they/them), an active Imagination ritual lead by Malachi Lily (they/them), a musical jam with Eppchez! (em/em/eir) and Allegra Eidinger (they/them), and tarot card reading by Sa Ra Hk (they/them).

As always, any individual who attends this event and participates in misgendering will be expected to leave.

We raised $700 to pay for all the Trans folks labor to create this event for their community. The event was be free, but we also collected donations for Black and Pink, an organization that works to support LGBTQ folks who are currently and formerly incarcerated. Any excess of donations that we receive for the event also went to Black and Pink.