She Shines On Thieves on the Garden Wall, acrylic paint, grit medium, canvas, cardboard, 9”x9”, 2023
Comet (detail and installation view), acrylic paint, cardboard, and canvas, 14.5”x5”, 2023

The Gate (detail and installation view), acrylic paint, graphite, and wood, 11”x11”, 2023
The Backstage of the City,canvas, acryllic paint, graphite, 3’ x 4’, 2023

Orange Window, cardboard, canvas, acrylic paint, 4” x 6”, 2023

Headlight, acrylic paint, cardboard, canvas, 5.5”x5.5”, 2023

Red Window, acrylic, cardboard, canvas, 6”x11”, 2023

Streetlight, acrylic paint and wood, 11”x11”, 2023
Falling Windows, acrylic paint, cardboard, canvas, 8.5”x6”, 2023

Installation view

Spotlight Rehearsal, acrylic paint, graphite, canvas, 3’x4’, 2023

   Snow, acrylic paint, canvas, cardboard, 12.5”x11.5”, 2023

Light Switches and Outlets, acrylic paint on found tiles, 4.5”x4.5”, 2023

A series of small paintings on found tile installed in utilitarian places where light switches and outlets would be.

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