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all the clothes were made from pre worn clothing or fabric scraps that otherwise would have been thrown away

each garment fits many sizes and some are adjustable where notated - measurements provided on individual items (all measurements taken flat, unless otherwise noted, with elastic slack, in inches) 

for additional guidance here are all the models sizing details, they are really wonderful people on top of being exceptionally beautiful 

if you have any questions about a particular item-
please email
or reach out on IG


Asterisks Tank

the asterisks tank is cotton, adjustable with the bow in the back to adjust to fit your coverage needs

the tank has a size label “XL”
length: 25”-31”
chest: 22”

Blurple 1 Shoulder

this top is spandex, with an elastic along the top seam and an elastic strap and 2 D-rings 

length: 15”
chest: 15”
shoulder: 10”
sleeve: 14”
(the model pictured is small but this top can easily fit up to at least a 1XL)

Green Flower Hair Tie

from $30!
toss a little tulle flower in your hair, it is sewn onto a soft elastic.

Blue Keychain

a blue webbing strap with
a felt circle and a collection of scrap threads and fabric created from making the collection, as well as glitter and stickers.

Stripe Bow Hair Tie

a long striped bow sewn onto a soft elastic.

  Upset Clover Hair Tie

from $30!
a plagued clover with green tulle and black ribbon sewn onto soft elastic.

NO FUN skirt

an adorable pink skirt with an elastic waist, black ruffles and bows on the sides and a special message on the back.

waist: 15”-24”
length: 15 1/2”

Corset Tee

a comfortable snakeskin corset inspired tee with a sequin green panel and a denim bow on the front, and a green tulle ruffle and lavender heart on the back.

although the models wearing this shirt are small, it can fit a size L depending.

length: 23” in front
            14” in back
chest: 20”
shoulder: 4”
sleeve: 7 1/2”

Denim Scrunchie

a cute scrunchie made from denim with multi colored scribbles on it.

Star Tutu Tank

comfy grey tank top with a denim and orange tulle star and a pleated orange quarter tutu on the front, and a fly detail on the back.

although the models pictured are small, this top can fit up to a size L depending. length: 24”
chest: 20”

Self Gown

a reworking of a costume from Lane’s play. the green top has “self” on the front and back and a drop waist orange skirt along with tulle and ant details. the back is closed with elastic and a tie. 

chest: 28 1/2”
length: 42”
waist: 27”
drop-waist: 29”

Manic Dancer Shirt Dress

the top of this dress is made from a cactus print shirt. it is illustrated with hidden ballet references and gingham ruffle and black bow details. there is some elastic on the sides of the waist.

length: 37”
chest: 22 1/2”
waist: 21”
hips: 24”
shoulder: 6 1/2”
sleeve: 10”

Lemon Short Dress

adorable lemon and blue printed top made from popcorn fabric, with wide gingham pleats to make the skirt, with black ant and bow details.

although the models are small, this garment can fit up to a L depending.
length: 20”
chest: 19”-26”
shoulder/sleeve: 15”-19”

Yellow Keychain

a yellow webbing strap with
a felt circle and a collection of scrap threads and fabric created from making the collection, as well as glitter and stickers.


the tutu is adjustable with an elastic waist as well as a buckle

this measurement was taken with the elastic slack and the buckle undone, so it is the entire measurement
waist : 37”- 51”

When Now Ok Tee

this is a really exclusive collaboration between Lane and Prue it was mailed between two cities, Philly and NYC between two friends. this is a soft shirt with elastic at the shoulder and waist as well as hand sewn embroidery and details.

length: 24”
chest: 23”
shoulder: 10”
sleeve: 10”

Blurple Tube Top

spandex tube top with rhinestone and tulle ruffle details in the front, and rusching with a black bow in the back. it is tight enough that it stays up with a flat chest or without.

length: 16”
chest: 15”
waist: 14”

Bra Top

a comfy cute little bralette with ruffle and bow details. a spandex tie extends the snap closure, making it fit a wider range of sizes. the cup fits about a B.
band: 32” - 48”

Stripe 1 Shoulder

colorful 1 shoulder top with stripes and pleats, black ruffles and dot details. there is elastic along the bust and armpit for ease of movement and support. and it says “perfect” on the back.

length: 16 1/2”
chest: 19 1/2”
waist: 26 1/2”

Pink Keychain

a pink webbing strap with
a felt circle and a collection of scrap threads and fabric created from making the collection, as well as glitter and stickers.

Pink Snake Scrunchie

a glittery tulle scrunchie with a snake print tie on it

NO FUN shorts

comfortable cotton shorts with elastic in the back waist band. they feature many fun illustrations done by Lane (a dragon, a castle, a key?) as well as ruffle detail on the sides. the shorts are labelled a size L.

waist: 17”-19 1/2”
length: 17”
inseam: 4”

Green Keychain

a green webbing strap with
a felt circle and a collection of scrap threads and fabric created from making the collection, as well as glitter and stickers.

NO FUN tube top

super fun green spandex tube top with elastic on bust for coverage. there is rusching up the side with a black ribbon as well as black, and polka dot ruffles. there is also an ant detail and the name of the collection down the back.

chest: 16”- 20 1/2”
length: 12”

Self Short Dress

another reworked costume this breezy “short dress” is made from an orange shirt on top with self on the front and back and ruffle details. the bottom is a cacophony of hand patch worked scraps.

the shirt is labelled 4XL
length: 30”
chest: 32”
shoulder: 9”
sleeve: 10”

Gingham Double Bow Hair Tie

a long gingham bow knotted to form a double bow sewn onto soft elastic. can be untied and styled differently

Lemon Halter Top

super cute lemon and blue printed popcorn fabric with a tie behind the neck. silver flower detail at the neckline.

length: 9”-17”
chest 16”-24”

Thank you for browsing Body Joke’s first collection!
I hope you found something to inspire some freakish beauty.
I truly hope you found something that fits you-
please reach out if not.
Love you