Tee Shirt Surgery︎

I take a tee shirt of yours that you love but you just wish it were cuter! 

Cutie Baby Nip and Tuck
As seen on Pony and Lane, this modification leaves you with bare shoulders and adorable ruffles.
Indicate if you would also like it cropped for maximum ruffles!
An example here seen on Lane, I will go wild with a complete reconstruction of the shirt. Each of these will be customized and different. At check out please give me 2-3 words to guide me. Ex: I would describe the green one as “backless shrek”

︎ For drop off of shirts in Philadelphia ︎
I will email you the address after purchase.
︎ For pick up in Philadelphia ︎

If ur outside Philly and you want one real bad ... email or message me on IG and we’ll work something out.