The second installment of Make A Space for Me took place on July 23, at 6 pm at Black Oak House.

A zine with bios of the artists, as well as sketches, writing, and other contextual information to their practices.

Below is documentation of the event, all taken by Misty Pollen.

My introduction of the event. I read a poem I wrote called "dear something" and outlined expectations for the space.

A still of Wit López (they/them) from their performance of "Dystopian Dysphoria"

Princess Harmony (she/her) reading her writing. Content warning: Mentions of Drugs and Sexual Assault.

In place of documentation, the artist Little Weiner is reflecting on their choice to perform a piece that crossed boundaries. The performance of this piece ended up involving non consensual touch, which is not something I expected, nor support. Go here to read my thoughts as well as Little Weiner's initial apology.

Olive B. Godlee/Sylvester's (they/them) video "Silky Boy Sylv and the Twenty Two Breaths".

Minnow Future (they/she) performing.

As always, trans/non-binary/gnc artists reach out to me with your name, identity, pronouns, and a time based proposal to be a part of Make A Space for Me.