installation + sculpture

ALL EXITS, overall views of the entire installation, solo show at Vox Populi Gallery, 2023.

The Door, wooden door, house paint, graphite, lace, cardboard, light table, fabric, 80”x3’, 2023

Once again, I remember I am under the sky, trash bags, paper mache photographs, tulle, velvet, felt, tin foil, and other found fabrics, 16’ x 18’, 2023

The Ladder, wood, house paint, silk, GAC 400, 8’x31”, 2023

The Moon Has a Face Like a Clock in the Hall, acrylic paint, paper mache using photographs of Jean Arp sculptures from found a waterlogged book, 26” x 26”, 2023

The Key, cardboard, paper, graphite, tape, glue, 89”x1”, 2023

To Sleep, Perchance, cardboard, paper mache, house paint, 7.5”x7.5”, 2023

Red underwear and Purple underwear, underwear, GAC 400, house paint, 10”x7”, 2023 

Night Lights, old pillow cases and tee shirts, tap lights, GAC 400, dimensions variable, 2023

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